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I was thinking of ways in trying to help homeless families that are in need of housing and other things that they are in need of, when I started to think about my situation and what I need for myself and for my family. Right now I'm presently staying in a family shelter with my two kids, we are in need of housing ourselves, and I've been doing a lot of thinking, thinking of ways to get the right help and to move out of the shelter. That is when I started to look and ask people if they would know of different organizations that would be of any help to my family or me. That is when my sister and her friend said you should try to get help from the DTA Office, that is what I did, and the DTA Office helped me to a limit. Then my friend said she knew of different places that could help me with finding a family shelter for families with children that are in need. The place that I went to was called The Welcome Project where I got a lot of information on different shelters for families, shelters for men only, and shelters for battered women or for women only. When I started to go through all of this information I started thinking that I should go back to the DTA office and ask them that I'm in need of a family shelter because I am going to need a place to go really soon. Then they told me to come in and fill out a form for an EA Shelter and that's what I did, they also told me that my case can get approved from the DTA Office and it could also get denied from them to, so they said we'll contact you when the results come back. When they called me to let me know about the results they told me that they denied my case and they could not place me in a family shelter and that they could not help me no longer. That is when I got a lawyer from CASLS and explained my situation to her and she said that she would be able to help me get into a family shelter through DTA. When I got my attorney we sent out for an appeal from DTA, when the time came to go to the appeal everything was already set and after everything was said and done I won my appeal against the DTA Office thanks to my attorney, now the DTA Office had to place me and my family. To me its always good to ask for help when you need it because you'll never know if you don't try, also there could be something or somebody willing to help you and you wouldn't even know it unless you tried asking for help.

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